Sunday, January 29, 2012

CHAD President Pays US$26 Million To Marry A Sudanese GIRL Whilst His Fellows Wallop In abject POVERTY

Chad’s leader, Idriss Deby has gotten himself a Sudanese beauty, Amani, for only $26 million in dowry price.
Amani and Chad’s leader, Idriss Deby
The Chad leader engaged the daughter to Sudan’s Janjaweed militia leader Musa Hilal towards the end of last year in Khartoum. $25M of the bride price was paid to the father and the rest was given to Amani in form of gold and jewellery.

Deby, who is 59 years old is polygamous and has a dozen of children. One of his wives, Hinda, who is the most famous of all, belongs to the Arab branch of Al-Zagawa ethnic group.

The latest trophy in the leader’s house is a new university graduate in her 20’s. Amani denies rumours circulating that she was forced by her father to marry the Chad president.

“No one has forced me into this marriage, we are not in the Stone Age,” she told local press.

Her father as well denies the claims that he forced his young daughter into marriage for the money. “We in Darfur and peripheral areas intermingle and intermarry, that’s the norm of life in these areas”.

He paid $US 26Million whilst his countrymen are walloping in abject poverty.