Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Inspector General of Police Ringim "Retires"

Inspector General of Police Hafiz Ringim
The Inspector General of police, Hafiz Ringim, this morning tendered his resignation letter to the federal govt. Six DIGs also resigned. The new acting IG of police is M.D Abubakar, former Lagos State commissioner of police.

We can confirm that into mandatory retirement following a series of bomb attacks launched in various northern cities by members of the Islamist movement Boko Haram. An Assistant Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Dikko  Abubakar, has been tipped to replace the departing IG.

Ringim was due for retirement in February 2012. Top police and security sources in Abuja as well as aides of President Goodluck Jonathan had described Mr. Ringim as an incompetent head of the Nigerian police. Even so, the president decided to keep Ringim at his post for so long in order to reward him for years of loyalty and political support to Mr. Jonathan since his days as deputy governor in Bayelsa state.

“Let’s face it, Ringim’s performance has been abysmal,” said a security source, adding that the now sacked IG should not have been appointed in the first place. Under Ringim’s watch, Boko Haram has enjoyed an almost unchecked run in the country. Mr. Ringim’s incompetence was highlighted by the recent escape from police custody of Kabiru Sokoto, a suspect in the Christmas Day bombing of a Catholic Church in Madalla, Niger State. The attack claimed scores of lives and caused many injuries. The fugitive has yet to be rearrested.

Insecurity and terrorist attacks reached their worst levels in Nigeria under Mr. Ringim's watch.

Except last minutes changes occur, Mohammed Dikko Abubakar will replace Ringim.

Mr. Abubakar, Ringim’s replacement, has served as an Assistant Inspector General of Police in charge of Zone 12 in Bauchi. Mr. Abubakar was born May 5, 1958 and hails from Guzau local government area in Zamfara State. He holds a diploma in public administration.

Mr. Abubakar joined the police force on July 30, 1979 and was promoted to the position of AIG on November 30 2006. He is due for retirement in 2014.

A source at police headquarters in Abuja said that Ringim, on finding out yesterday about his removal, immediately de-mobilized 17 commanders of the Mopile Police Unit (MOPOL) and replaced them with his loyalists. “Why should a man on his way out put his men in place to head MOPOL?” asked the source, adding that he hoped the new IG would reverse Ringim’s decision.