Sunday, January 29, 2012

That dreaded morning bad breath

During the night we produce less saliva and the bacteria, which produce odours that hang around in the mouth for a longer period without interruption. Certain factors can further provoke bad breath, such as alcohol consumption or having a blocked nose…

In general, rinsing your mouth with water, drinking some juice or a cup of tea, and having breakfast are enough to reactive your saliva and reduce this morning bad breath. If bad breath continues on throughout the day, then this is a little more than the usual morning variety and you should speak to your dentist about it.

Tips to reduce morning bad breath

Brush your teeth properly before bed to reduce the amount of bacteria living in your mouth overnight;

  •     Keep well hydrated before sleeping to avoid dryness of your mouth;

  •     Regular use of a mouthwash can help but should in no way replace brushing your teeth;

  •     If you wear dentures or a bridge, make sure that you keep it scrupulously clean;

    If you’re planning on a little serious early morning kissing, brush your teeth and clean your tongue as soon as you wake up (hold off on the cup of tea, as the taste will be tainted by your toothpaste), but don’t forget to brush your teeth again after breakfast.