Saturday, February 4, 2012

Beyonce Hires 6 Nannies for Her Baby "Blue Ivy Carter"!

Beyonce, Little Blue Ivy Carter, born with the silver spoon and Jay-z
This baby would likely never learn the art of crying just as normal babies do! Because at the slightest expression of discomfort, she’ll have six nannies hovering over her!

I suppose one nanny would be in charge of bathing, one for feeding, one for changing diapers, another for cuddling, one would be in charge of dressing her in the right clothes, and the last would be the general supervisor!

Reports have circulated about all the lavish items baby Blue Ivy Carter already owns.

“Her diaper is changed almost every hour,” one insider revealed, also adding that Jay Z recently bought his baby daughter diamond earrings, and a platinum bracelet.

If a team of nannies are raising Blue Ivy Carter, then her parents are going to miss out on so much. Feeding, bathing, playing, soothing, and late night feedings are all a part of being a parent to a newborn. Most couples, while sleep deprived, wouldn’t miss out on that experience for the world.

That’s not the only lavish treatment Blue Ivy is receiving. Proud papa Jay-Z even bought her a $600 thousand gold rocking horse! Beyonce and Jay-Z are putting all other celebrity parents to shame with these first class luxuries for their little princess.