Friday, February 24, 2012

Witchcraft splits Ghana National Football Team - Ghana coach

Ghana coach Goran Stevanovic has revealed deep divisions within the squad, saying some players used witchcraft against their own team-mates

Ghana National Football Team
The Ghana coach said there is need to help in changing some players' mentality about using 'black power' to destroy themselves, and also make sure they instil discipline and respect is for each other.

The coach did not name any specific players in that part of the report and the GFA is refusing to comment on the matter, saying it does not discuss any issues arising from leaked documents.

Ghana coach Goran Stevanovic
Sarfo Gyami, who was a member of the Ghana side at the 1992 Nations Cup futher confirmed "It has always happened, but players have used it to protect themselves and normally in search of luck,"

I have never heard of a situation when players have used Charms and black power against their own colleagues. That is a very bad situation.