Saturday, August 17, 2013


Badagry Mob Victim Nwanipor Ifechukwudi Laid To Rest
Family demands justice at burial of lynched youth, as community offers cash settlement

The remains of Ifechukwudi Nwanikpor, the 24 year old who was one of two young men brutally murdered by villagers from the Tozukame community area in Ajara, Badagry on Sunday July 21, was laid to rest at the Badagry Cemetery in Lagos yesterday.

Ify Gabriel Nwanikpor and his friend Kasim Onayemi [26] where brutally lynched to death by a mob of miscreants on sunday 21st July 2013, at badagry on the ground that their faces look strange in the neighborhood where he lived most of his 25 years sojourn on earth. The Nigerian Police (badagry division) watched as these innocent graduate were hacked to death before their prime after being labelled armed robbers.

Mourners and family members came out in their numbers at the Badagry cemetery but couldn’t hold back their tears at the burial.

The hoodlums in action. Insert: Nwainokpo
Some sources said that the community is now pleading with the families of the lynched young men and have offered about N2.5 million to the families so that the matter is closed and forgotten.

In reaction to that, one of the relations, Ike Daphey, who was visibly angry, told newsmen that the said amount offered to the families cannot bring back the dead and that the most painful part of the whole situation was that his family was humiliated, by labelling their son an armed robber and killing them [Nwanikpor and Kazeem Onayemi] like animals.

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