Friday, August 9, 2013

Instant justice: 12 Year Old Boy Set Ablaze For "Attempting" To Kidnap In Lagos (WATCH)

12 Year Old Samuel Set Ablaze By Mob
Instance justice is injustice and in the words of the late American Civil Rights icon, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. The system of instance justice is a big threat to the existence of the civilized society and the system of governance. There are also incidents of instant justice which was justified by the so called people of the civilized society.

Recently, a harrowing video of a twelve year old boy called Samuel being lynched has led to a group of Nigerians launching a new online campaign aimed at all Nigerians called "Don't Walk Away". A campaign against "Mob Justice".

Samuel was accused of trying to kidnap a school child with N50. Watch as he was kicked by the mob, beaten with clubs and then burnt to death.

An Eyesore:  Mob Set 12 Year Old Boy Ablaze! Watch

The big questions are why are people following the path of the instant justice??? Is the system not working??? Or have the people lost their faith on the governance???

Inaction and inability of police, corruption and inhuman behaviour, and the failure of governance and judiciary are the reasons enough to flourish the incidents of instant justice. Now people are tend to believe that they will not get the justice in the present system of governance, which pressurize them to draw the inspirations from the instant justice system. When the government and the law fail to protect the masses and bring criminals to justice, the masses take the law into their own hands to protect and defend themselves.

We need to reform our legal and security systems in Africa to reflect the citizenry’s growing lack of confidence in how criminals are supposedly treated leniently under the law.

We need to understand that mob justice does not deter criminals!

Finally, from my personal standpoint, the inhuman act of instant justice can not be justified at any cost. It is indeed a justice of the dogs to the dogs and for the dogs. It is barbaric, it is living and relating like senseless animals. Regardless of how flawed our legal and security systems are, mob or instant justice has no place in any society that purports to be civilized.