Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Liberia Students All Fail University Admission Exam

Liberia education system is said to be in a "mess"
Nearly 25,000 school-leavers failed the test for admission to the University of Liberia, one of two state-run universities.

Liberia's education minister Etmonia David-Tarpeh says she finds it hard to believe that not a single candidate passed this year's university admission exam. She told the BBC Focus on Africa programme that she intended to meet university officials to discuss the failure rate

"I know there are a lot of weaknesses in the schools but for a whole group of people to take exams and every single one of them to fail, I have my doubts about that," Ms David-Tarpeh said. "It's like mass murder." The students lacked enthusiasm and did not have a basic grasp of English"

Liberia is recovering from a brutal civil war that ended a decade ago.

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, a Nobel peace laureate, recently acknowledged that the education system was still "in a mess", and much needed to be done to improve it.