Friday, August 9, 2013

Mugabe Takes On Mandela: You Are An Idiot And A Coward

In what could be seen as a personality attack, newly re-elected President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe has called former South African President and freedom fighter, Nelson Mandela, an “idiot and a coward.” Mugabe who last week, won another term in office to add to his 33 years in power, voiced his opinion during a rally he held to celebrate his seventh election victory.

Mugabe believes that in ‘winning’ the latest election, he has proved himself the greatest African leader, ever. Reports monitored by international agencies had it that Mugabe told the rally: “My huge victory in these elections proves I am the greatest leader in the history of Africa.” He went on to say that the world should love him more “than the idiot Mandela.” He followed by saying that he worked hard to fight colonialism while Mandela “the coward Nelson Mandela sat on his butt in prison for 27 years,” and according to Mugabe, this makes Mandela a coward.

The 89-year-old Mugabe is well-known for delivering fiery speeches but blasting Nelson Mandela, who remains in hospital fighting for his life, is a low blow, even for Mugabe.