Friday, August 9, 2013

Nigerian Police Officer Caught On Tape Negotiating Bribe Dismissed

Police Sergeant enlisted into the Nigeria Police Force with the name Chris Omeleze actually worked with a false identity. His real name is Osugwor Festus

Revelations came on Wednesday over a television programme that the Sergeant who was enlisted into the Nigeria Police Force with the name Chris Omeleze actually worked with a false identity. Callers told Channels Television that the dismissed policeman’s name is actually Osugwor Festus. It was alleged that he has been impersonating his old classmate, Chris Omaleze for the past 21 years.

Dismissed Sergeant Impersonated Classmate For 21 Years

A source, who chose to remain annonymous, said that the “real name of the dismissed policeman is not Chris Omeleze. His real name is Osugwor Festus from Umuseti in Nduka West LGA of Delta state. He was classmates with Chris Omeleze. They attended Ndemili Grammar school and finsihed in 1987"

The bubble burst when the name Chris Omaleze suddenly went viral over the social media following the “bribe negotiation” video. Those who revealed the 21-year-old secret claimed they were surprised that the face that appeared was that of Osugwor and not Omaleze. Some reportedly even called Omaleze to notify him that his classmate had been caught using his name.

Deputy Force Public Relations Officer Mr Frank Mba has confirmed the dismissal of the officer, identified him as sergeant Christopher Omeleze.

Information gathered revealed that Osugwor Festus and not Chris Omeleze is his real name.
Sergeant Osugwo, who is attached to Lagos State Traffic Division was arrested after the Inspector General of Police Mohammed Abubakar, saw the video. He was found guilty during a orderly room trial within 24hrs and dismissed immediately.

Speaking on his fate, Sergeant Osugwo said: “I regret the incident, I have served in the police for 21 years.”

The Nigerian Police are very notorious and well known for demanding bribes. Nothing has been done, even by the current Inspector General of Police to halt this bad professional habit plaguing the force. Instead of fighting crime, or fulfilling their social contract to protect and to serve, they'd rather collect and pocket bribe.