Monday, August 19, 2013

Prophet T.B Joshua Has Dropped One of His Five Wise Men (See Photo)

Wise-manJohn Chi
It has been confirmed from a very reliable source that Prophet T.B. Joshuah dropped one of his five Wise-Men, John Chi of Cameroon.

The prophet started his sermon on Sunday 18/08/13 in an unusual manner. His sermon was supposed to be Themed: "Be A Doer Of The Word" but he changed it to"Do Not Tempt The Devil To Tempt You" which raised many eyebrows. In his words "We should not tempt the Devil to tempt us else, God will leave us to our own strength to face the Devil".

After much phone calls from members and followers all over the world asking about the where-about of their favourite Wise-manJohn Chi, it was then aired out by Prophet T.B Joshua himself that Wise-man John Chi has been dropped. This sadden news to members drew tears from their eyes as Prophet T.B Joshua also acknowledged that Wise-man John Chi is the most gifted of all his five Wise-men, in terms of humility, prayers and fasting and the most loved.

Up till this moment, the reason why Wise-man John Chi is dropped has not disclosed.

What do you think could be the reason?