Friday, August 9, 2013

Tonto Dikeh to Beyonce: So You Think Your New Cropped Hair is Hot? Check Out My Cornrows!

Celebrities are constantly on the path of reinventing themselves and switching things up, always careful never to remain boxed in a certain image. Its on this premise that they wear the most unpredictable things and do dramatic things with their hair. While the world is still trying to wrap their heads around Beyonce’s shocking new cropped hairdo our very own Tonto Dikeh has also debuted a new look – cornrows!

For a better part of the year, Tonto had been rocking the blonde hair and had said at an interview at Beat 99 Fm earlier in the year that it was something she had always wanted and feels very at home with it. It appears she’s ready to switch things up as she released a new picture of her spotting dark corn rows. Tonto has never been afraid to challenge status quo and we won’ be surprised if this will become her signature look going forward.

So Hot or Not???