Saturday, August 31, 2013

Video: Deadly Migrations: Africa To Europe Through The Deserts

As many go about their normal daily activities in Nigeria, a silent and pathetic valley of death is claiming the lives of our people in their wanton drive to leave the living heat and hell in our country.

This video below was posted on Facebook by someone. I hope it will go a long way discouraging and educating thousands of Nigerians trying to get to Europe through Desert. Watch the video after the cut...

I am even shedding tears as watched this video. I then remembered a true life story a friend of mine told me based on what he went through venturing into Europe through the desert. I discovered this dark side of our people's lives.

Groups of African men and women (including Ghanaians) begin their journey to the unknown from Agadis in Niger by car to Alate, then hop in another vehicle to Asamaka and then end up at Jenet in the middle of nowhere near Mount Hoga which is on the northern border of Niger with Algeria. They then pay a desert guide to walk them through a desert route covering a distance of 50 km by foot till they get to Mount Hugo. They then change course and walk for another 350 km to Obari which is the the first border town in Algeria.

From this point on, there is no village or human settlement (just open desert). The distance they have to walk covers a period of 3 weeks before getting to Sabat in Libya. During the day when the sun is hot, there is no movement. Movement begins at sundown through the night till about 10:30 the following morning when the sun gets hot again. Your bottle of water in this dry scorching desert, has to last you the length of the period because there is no water. And when they become short of water, they drink each others urine. Once in Libya, they have to travel long distances at very high risk of being arrested or even killed, to get to cross the mediterranean sea into Europe. The valley of the shadow of death is the route on the desert!

During this journey on foot, many give up the ghost when they get tired, get tired or fall sick. They are left behind as the group must move on. There are so many dead bodies of Africans with their passports on their chests. Their relatives neither know where they are nor do they have a clue that they are dead. , It is really sad. In some cases, the guide loses his bearings so they all wonder in the desert till death parts them all. There are horrific stories of strange beasts and animals attacking them.

Our leaders do not seem to have a clue as to the consequences of their misrule.