Friday, August 9, 2013

"I Didn’t Batter Beverly Osu" Rapper 2shotz Moves To Clear His Name

Well, this time, 2shotz gets the ‘honour’ of being the target of the Beverly Osu whirlwind. While we’re yet to recover from the ruckus that followed the Nigerian BBA contestant’s sex romp with Angelo, a fellow contestant from South Africa, the damsel has revealed more from her past, and this time 2shotz’s the obvious culprit.

Beverly claims that she was once the victim of an abusive relationship, where she was battered with brutal savagery and evil, by an ‘ex-rapper’ boyfriend. She even bared a part of her pretty  skin, and displayed a scar as backup to her tale. The scar, she said, was acquired during one of his numerous beating sessions. Painting a vivid picture, Beverly recounted a heart-rending episode, where she managed to flee into the bathroom, and got the door locked, but the raging ‘rapper’ boyfriend in ‘Man Of Steel’ fashion, beat down the door, and beat her down too.

Well, sad. And although Beverly mentioned no specific name, but a quick trip into her past kinda throws up the some gold; She once dated 2shotz! She wasn’t specific, but the finger pointing has begun, with numerous sources calling out the rapper.

Well, 2shotz, knowing he has a lot on the line, has responded to the allegations. Find the statement he posted on Facebook below. He’s not just fighting to clear his name, it might have implications on the societal perception of his marriage.

Check on it!

Well, what do you think? Is 2shotz our savage man of steel?