Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Soft porn actress, Judith Mazagwu aka Afro Candy will not surprising everyone. This time, the controversial actress and singer who crept into the consciousness of Nigerians with her porn movie, Destructive Instinct, has now taken to religious comments on her Facebook, though the message is still not lost. Recently, she posted another scathing remark about her perceived enemies and haters, quoting the Bible copiously.

“All I can tell you hypocrites is to read James chapter 4, verse 11. And when you are done with that, proceed to the whole of James 3. You all claim to know the Bible well and the word of God but I don’t think you all are reading your Bibles well.

I am just handling my biz and minding my biz, did not and do not curse anybody, do not steal, do not rob anybody, I don’t do 419, I am not jealous of anybody; do not even have the time to talk about other people. So let me be and let’s see what happens on that last day. For not everyone that calls him father shall enter the kingdom of God and remember, the first shall be the last and the last shall be the first. Thank you!”

Hmmmm, she has said it and hope her haters will take not.