Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ajegunle: The World`s Worst Ghetto In The Heart Of Lagos! [Photos]

Ajegunle, a densely populated ghetto in the Lagos suburbs is notorious for so many things. The community is home to about two million Nigerians of different ethnic, religion and socio-political backgrounds. More importantly however, the slum also known as AJ City is home to different genres of ghetto music and scores of music stars. CLETUS NWACHUKWU, in this report, chronicles the musical life of the community music critics argued, is fast becoming the melting pot of Nigerian music.
The name Ajegunle, a Lagos suburb notorious for its filth, crime and violence amidst creativity evokes different feelings for different folks. While some express disgust for the city, which to many, ranks as one of the mega-city's most disturbing ghettos, others revere Ajegunle as home like no other. AJ City as its inhabitants and admirers fondly call it, occupies a princely place in Nigeria's entertainment firmament. In fact, industry analysts have described it as the music headquarters of Nigeria. See more photos after the cut...

Contrary to the seeming widespread negative perception of Ajegunle inhabitants as lazy, never-do-well criminals, observers argued that the city is peopled with hardworking, law-abiding, ambitious, strong inhabitants who also love to enjoy life regardless of their socio-economic limitations. Of course, they love good music, which you can always catch them dancing to happily.

In Ajegunle, it is normal to find the assistant manager of a bank, the insurance marketing executive, mingling with factory and construction workers, even hawkers of Gala at a local drinking bar (popularly known as beer parlour), after a hard day's job. That is the character of the consummate ghetto man. And while making merry in the various bars and eateries littering the city terrain, AJ City dwellers love musical accompaniment in the background.

This singular attribute, music historians of contemporary Nigeria, argued, is responsible for the vibrant music culture and genres as found in Ajegunle today.

Ajegunle, is today not known to have produced different and blossoming musical genres, the city is also renowned for giving the Nigerian entertainment scene some of its cherished entertainers. From the rubbles of the ghetto they live, several Ajegunle kids has made it to the top of Nigerian music and making waves in the African and world scene. All these, the Ajegunle kids have attained through sheer grit, innate talents, and survival instincts and of course, courage and hard work. No doubt, the country has gained tremendously from talents and entertainment skills of Ajegunle music icons like the Galala exponent, Daddy Showkey, also known as the Ghetto Soldier, Babay Fryo, the Denge Potz exponent, Father U-Turn among others. Daddy Showkey, who can easily be adjudged Ajegunle's frontline entertainer, mesmerised millions with his unique brand of reggae music and showmanship.Other stars groomed from Ajegunle are the handsome fresh face and fresh voiced Daddy Fresh, Fuji music star, Saheed Osupa, Baba Fryo, Mighty Mouse, Basket mouth, African China, Danfo Drivers, Nicco Gravity and many others.

Today Ajegunle, the famous Jungle City more than anything else, has become synonymous with music. Remarkably, the youths of the ghetto have continued to channel their energies towards providing pleasure to the society, albeit through music.

In the words of a music writer: "I see Nigeria's first-ever Grammy-awards winner coming from among the avalanche of musical talents from AJ City, in a not too distant time."

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