Thursday, September 12, 2013


Social media websites are being flooded with rumors that the famous rapper Eminem has died after being stabbed in New York City. However, the rumors are not true. Instead, scammers are trying to lure Internet users to shady websites.

This time it was a Facebook post, which showed a gruesome photo of a man (that was supposedly the rapper) getting shanked with a knife, that said the star was "left nearly DEAD after being stabbed 4 times in NYC!"

“Rapper Eminem Left Nearly DEAD After Being Stabbed 4 Times in NYC!! [Link] Warning 18+!! It was all caught on surveillance video! Click the pic to play the video!,” the bogus posts read.
The link doesn’t point to a real video, but to a fake BBC website.

Here, users are instructed to share the video on Facebook in order to watch it. Once this is done, victims are directed to a fake YouTube video page where they’re asked to complete a survey.

This is basically the goal of the scam. The cybercrooks earn a commission each time someone completes these shady surveys. By asking users to share the so-called video on their Facebook pages, the scammers are making sure that a large number of people are lured to their scammy website.

Human nature being what it is, there probably will be lots of people on Facebook who would be interested in watching what appears to be a breaking news story about a celebrity stabbing

"Of course, Eminem has not been stabbed, and he is not dead. Not true. He remains unstabbed,” the rapper’s representatives told E! News.

Scammers often come up with death hoaxes and other outrageous stories to trick users and, unfortunately, many of their campaigns are highly successful. That’s why it’s highly recommended that you only visit trusted websites when in search for news.

If you’re asked to perform various tasks to gain access to some content, you’re likely dealing with a scam.