Thursday, September 5, 2013

Exclusive: Princess Diana film premieres in UK

Late Princess Diana
The film is an adaptation of Diana: Her Last Love, Kate Snell’s account of the two years between the late Princess of Wales’ divorce from Prince Charles and her death in 1997. It focuses on the relationship between Diana and heart surgeon Hasnat Khan, and suggests that Diana and Mr Khan were involved romantically for two years, and she nicknamed him “Mr Wonderful”.

The love interest, Hasnat Khan, says it’s “based on gossip." Mr Khan told The Mail on Sunday that the film “is a complete lie” and he never gave the producers the “tacit acceptance” they claim. Mr Khan has previously offered no comment on the rumoured relationship.

After seeing a poster for the movie, called Diana, he said: ‘I could tell immediately those were never our mannerisms at all.
Mr Wonderful: Hasnat Khan, the surgeon 
who stole Princess Diana's heart almost two 
decades ago pictured leaving his East London 
home yesterday
'You could just tell from that picture that it is all just presumed about how we would behave with each other, and they have got it completely wrong. The filmmaker and Kate Snell, who wrote the book on which the film is based, had approached me on a number of occasions, but I had refused to cooperate.

“I have never read the book to this day,” Khan said. “I really don’t know how she got her information because even my very close friends didn’t know what was going on between me and the princess.”

Khan also told reporters he tries not to think about the “hundred could-have-beens” surrounding his relationship with the Princess of Wales.

“She [Diana] could be living very happily and married and having more kids, with me or with someone else. It could have led in that direction. I try not to think about these things. I can’t change anything now,” Khan said.

What have the Royal Family said?

So far, nothing. However, Buckingham Palace experts aren’t looking forward to the film. Ingrid Seward, editor of Majesty Magazine, told Sky News she thought the film would be “incredibly hurtful” for Princes Harry and William and that “once again their mother’s memory has been hijacked.”

Who is playing Diana?

Naomi Watts, who is 44 and was born in Britain but grew up and began her career in Australia. She was Oscar-nominated for Best Actress for her part in 21 Grams, and more award nominations followed for her performance in 2013 disaster movie The Impossible, about the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

Will she be any good?

Until the reviews are in, the jury’s out. But Watts has discussed the film extensively. She turned down the role twice, finally agreeing when she realised it would be made with or without her and she “didn’t like the idea of anybody else playing the role”. Since then, Watts has admitted to The Sunday Times that she is anxious about the impact on the Royal Family, saying, “the biggest reason that made me pause was how the princes were going to feel about this.” One particularly awkward moment arrived when she saw Prince William in a restaurant and “got very nervous [and] made sure not to look” at him.

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As for her preparations, Watts told The Telegraph that she had watched Diana’s famous interview with Martin Bashir “thousands with volume, without volume; and I listened to it over and over again until I knew every word of it” and studied the Princess of Wales’ voice, which she defined as “quite posh, but there was a warmth there, too. Her accent wasn't too fruity.”

Watts is also aware of her and Diana’s aesthetic differences, which the actresses’s critics have highlighted, saying: “Everyone was doubting, ‘Oh, she’s not the right height, she doesn’t have the right nose, she’s not properly British’ – all of those things I just had to let go of and commit to the role."

Who is the director?

Oliver Hirschbiegel
Oliver Hirschbiegel, a German director, who is best known for his film about Adolf Hitler’s last days, Downfall. He defended Diana, the film, to Sky News by saying it is based on the accounts of “several people” and asserting that it is “not a documentary but a dramatic interpretation. In a love story you have to create four or five dramatic scenes to make it work.” 

When is it out?

The UK premiere is tonight, 05:09:2013, but you’ll have to wait until September 20 to see it in cinemas.