Wednesday, September 4, 2013

ILLUMINATI: Wiz Khalifa’s Wife, Amber Rose With Inverted Cross Tattooed On Her Forehead

Amber Rose
The rumors of certain American and even African entertainers being devil worshipers (Illuminati) is no longer news.The America Festival which held yesterday had lots of celebrities present, one of them being Amber Rose.

The sexy model and wife of rapper, Wiz Khalifa got the attention of cameras as she had an inverted cross tattooed on her forehead. She has been described as a satanic worshiper and all sorts of evil names by the general public has resorted to commotion around the world.

Some say “an inverted cross” is a respectful/humble way to show no one should/can be crucified by the cross, while other sources say its a way of dis-vowing Christ.