Friday, September 27, 2013

Incredible ! GHOST CAUGHT ON CAMERA ! [Photos]

Readers, what do make out of this?? This picture was taken in Italy with iPhone 5 camera in Panorama mode. While I posed for a shot, I saw a man in a black suit walking past in front of me so we got him in the shot.

After the shot we looked at the picture only to realise the man we really saw walked in front of me, an abled man, walking without clutches now turned to become a one legged man. Surprisingly, we quickly looked arround, he was nowhere to be found.

Looking closely at the photo, you will notice he has stick of cigarette in between his left fingers. Also have close look at his shadow ... I can't really Understand. The person that snapped the shot is a friend mine from Hungary Mrs. Katalin Lakato

The questions here is did we snap Ghost? Did iPhone play a fast one on us?

What do you think? Please leave you comment below.