Friday, September 27, 2013


The on-going Michael Jackson death trial in L.A has continuously revealed shocking details which makes the world wonder when exactly the late King of Pop would finally rest in peace. The AEG Live lawyer Marvin Putnam has ruled out all charges on the company’s full knowledge of the pop star’s pre-medical condition before his world famous “This Is It Tour” in 2009 insisting that Dr Conrad Murray was hired by Jackson himself and not the Company.

In the court session yesterday, the AEG Live Lawyer, Marvin Putman dismissed claims by the Jackson Family that the promotion company signed up Dr Murray (charged for involuntary manslaughter of pop star in 2011) for Jackson and pressured him to bend medical rules in order to ensure that his come-back tour must go on. Putman stated that Dr. Murray had been treating Jackson and his family for so many years even before the Tour.

Marvin Putman – AEG Live Lawyer
“Jackson was responsible for his own health, certainly his own healthcare and he’s responsible for his own choices, no matter how bad those choices turn out to be.” Putman however admitted that, “The truth here is it’s a tragedy … it’s a tragedy for his family, a tragedy for his mother, a tragedy for his kids. It’s horrible and incredibly sad.” “But it’s not a tragedy of AEG Live’s making” he add

Dr Conrad Murray was sentenced to four years imprisonment in November 2011 accused of providing the surgical anesthetic Propofol which a coroner found as the major cause of Jackson’s death in 2009. AEG Live Promotion company claims Jackson NEVER told the Company he was on that dangerous medication.

“AEG would have NEVER agreed to finance this tour if they knew Mr. Jackson was playing Russian Roulette in his bedroom ever night” Putman narrated to the jurors.

Dr. Conrad Murray is due for released next month (October) after serving his two years in prison and the Jackson family lawyer, Brian Panish still insists that the AEG had known about Jackson’s past health problems and was simply negligent in not checking Murray’s background before hiring him as Jackson’s doctor. Dr. Murray was confirmed to have been deep in debt at the time of employment and allegedly needed the Tour to go on so he could save his bankruptcy.

Dr. Conrad Murray In Court
There are no specifics yet as to how much damage the Jackson’s family is seeking for but if AEG Live is found guilty, the Company will be looking at/above a $1 billion payment in Jackson’s lost earnings. On this case, instead of the usual 12 juror unanimous verdict on a criminal trial, only 9 are required to reach a verdict.

We will keep you all posted as the trial goes on…