Monday, September 30, 2013


The star stood in a seductive angle for the snap to be taken, gazing at her reflection in a mirror over her right shoulder.
  •  Nobody sexes up social media quite like Rihanna.
On Saturday the singer continued her reign as Queen of the 'selfies' as she treated her millions of followers to a series of sizzling behind the scenes snaps from her latest music video, Pour It Up.

The 25-year-old expertly posed in two alluring 1920s flapper style outfits, including a barely-there fishnet bodysuit under which she appeared to be naked.nothing new for the singer who is something of an exhibitionist.

The star stood in a seductive angle for the snap to be taken, gazing at her reflection in a mirror over her right shoulder.

Hiding the mullet she's been sporting of late, she wore a white blonde wig reminiscent of the era, styled in short, neat curls.

Ready for her close up: In another series of snaps, the 25-year-old songstress wears a 1920's style flapper ensemble and smokes something or other
Wearing the same figure-hugging net, Rihanna posted a particularly saucy back shot in which she glanced at her taut rear over her shoulder, clearly familiar with her assets.

The Pour It Up singer also slipped into a cute lavender coloured romper for the shoot, which she teamed with an array of decadent chokers and stone necklaces.

She had her eyebrows coloured in deep pink as well as pink nails to match, as she walked about her dressing room in a chic pair of white heels.

Rihanna showed off her taut body in the barely-there bodysuit
 Rihanna made no secret about the unidentified smoke she gripped between her fingers and puffed into the camera in a number of the shots, seemingly a part of the vintage throwback image.

Appropriately confident with her stunning body, the star posed in a squatting position and with her back to the camera, proving she's alluring from every angle.

In true behind-the-scenes style, Rihanna even posted a shot of her make-up artist in the act of oiling her up in preparation for what will surely have been a saucy shoot.

The star continued to show off her stunning body and collected posture in this sexy snap
The track Pour It Up was produced by esteemed hip hop producer Mike WiLL Made It, who is rumoured to be romantically linked to Miley Cyrus.

Rihanna, who is currently taking her Diamonds tour around the world, recently claimed that she no longer enjoys hitting the club scene because it’s 'boring'.

The Stay songstress was interviewed by Alan Carr on the 100th edition of his Chatty Man show on Friday night and told him: 'Recently I’ve become a square'.

Rihanna shared the moment when her makeup artist Lora was lathering her up with oil
The star had her 1920's flapper poses down-pat for the video shoot