Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The way the cokies crumble!

PDP Umbrella
PDP!!!  Power to the people. Which people? What power do the people really have under the PDP government? Economic power? Political power?  So, change that to read: Problem to the people. Yes, PDP! Problem to the people. Poverty to the people. Looting of the people’s common purse. Let’s begin to congratulate ourselves on the crisis currently rocking the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) of Nigeria.

The cries of Nigerians were heard apparently by God when PDP suffered a volcanic eruption from within. Nothing is worse than the rebellion of a child against his own parents, that moment when he looks at his dad and mum with that straight poker-face and says: “To hell with you both.” Even when the parents threaten to punish the recalcitrant lad, he still retorts confidently: “Come and beat me, if you can!” The parents need to urgently review their moral fibre and authority. Such is the state the PDP has inadvertently found itself by taken on too many of its powerful children whose obstinacy and determination it grossly underrated.

The PDP shot itself in the foot by forgetting that even the best strikers often miss penalties. And the greatest clubs don’t win all the time. Ask Barcelona FC and Real Madrid FC.

With 26 Senator and 8 governors abandoning the PDP umbrella today, I see the ruling party sinking deeper and deeper. Its collapse is inevitable!

In the face of this crisis rocking the country and its ruling party, the PDP, and its imminent collapse, President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday affirmed that his administration and the ruling People’s Democratic Party, PDP were fulfilling their promises to Nigerians. Here him:

"No matter what our political enemies were up to, PDP remains the only party destined to take the country to a greater height. As we approach the 2015 general elections, many doomsday scenarios are being propagated but the PDP will continue to grow bigger and bigger and stronger and stronger. PDP has remained a strong fortress of hope for our people but remained focus on building a greater Nigeria, one that can afford this generation and the generation to come better life"

The PDP is clearly an incredibly boastful party that has not been able to deliver on any of its many promises in the past 14 years despite the stupendous resources at its disposal which it has merely awarded to itself and its followers. The party never fails to praise itself like the lizard that falls from the top of an iroko tree and nods its head that “I have done well”. PDP says it has done Nigerians a huge favour and deserves to be in power for a further 50 years in the saddle. Who are we to argue in the company of the world’s biggest squander-maniacs?

By 2015, PDP would have spent 16 years of our collective lives in power without any appreciable progress. This is enough reason to seek a true change. But if that becomes impossible, God help Nigeria.