Saturday, October 26, 2013


Divorced actress, Jennifer Eliogu, has found love again, and this time, the man who is tickling her fancy is Emeka Morgan, the CEO of Morgan Entertainment, the man allegedly at war with the late musician, MC Loph’s family. The man, who has been accused of being behind the untimely death of the musician by some uncanny diabolical means, is said to be lighting up her fire after signing her up to his label when she ventured into music, and is spoiling her silly with all the good things of life.

You will recall how Jennifer was chased out of her former husband’s home owing to her alleged promiscuous lifestyle, with the paternity of her child in doubt. The case made headlines when her husband came out in the open to declare that Jennifer was actually sleeping around with other men and he had no choice but to kick her out of their matrimonial home. The story then had it that Jennifer, whose husband was based in Europe, had visited her husband and after a few weeks claimed she was pregnant.

Unfortunately for the actress, when she was delivered of the baby, it was discovered that the time difference for pregnancy and delivery did not match the time she claimed she was pregnant. Further investigation by the family of the husband revealed that the actress was all the while carrying another man’s child and had gone to Europe to place the paternity on her husband.

On getting the information and also getting details of Jennifer’s frolicking with various men in Nigeria, the husband instructed his siblings to throw Jennifer and the new baby out of the duplex he rented for her in the Ajah area of Lagos.

Hope learnt her lessons from the previous marriage...