Saturday, October 5, 2013


If all we hear is 100% correct, then the gorgeous wife of multimillionaire business man, Musa Danjuma who is probably the landlord with the biggest compound and most probably the biggest house in Parkview Estate in Ikoyi has a new thing up her sleeves.

From the little snippets we have gathered, the former actress is said to be coming up with her very own exclusive perfume range sometime soon or maybe in a few months time. Gorgeous Caroline who at one time had set up the now comatose Guepard productions/Record company is said to have been working on this her new project undercover for a while now.

According to the unconfirmed gist, research and production of the perfume range is been done in the perfume capital of the world, Paris in France. And if not because she's very finicky about how she wants the range to be perceived and received it might have been out since. Apparently after a lot of research, the former thespian might have now chosen the fragrances she believes are the best and that would launch her into the rarefied league of perfumers. So pretty soon, we all should be enveloped by the fragrances produced to Caroline Danjuma's specification.