Friday, October 18, 2013


Its amazing how Nigerian politician will become human right activist only after they leave office meanwhile, when they are in political office, you will never hear of them pushing for people oriented policies.

This brings me to Dino Melaye. Many of us are familiar with DINO always fighting about corruption in the house. other than that, can we recall him ever moving for any specific bill for the masses. Did we ever wonder why DINO was always the one blowing the whistle? Its been revealed that DINO was usually part of the deal but his greed and dissatisfaction with his share of the money always caused trouble, and he will use his inside knowledge to expose the deal. During his period in the House, Dino amassed huge personal wealth including 10 luxury car all with special numbers from DINO 1 - DINO 10, including Porsche Panamera, BMW, Pontiac, Range Rover and other luxury brands. He also acquired choice property in Maitama, Wuse II and zone 4.

Dino once boasted of owning Bugatti Veyron. The super car costs from $2million to $4million

See Dino tweet about His Bugatti Veyron below...

See Photo of Buggati Veyron below...

Apart from being a member of the House of Rep for 1 term (of which his total salary is known), what other source of income would justify such opulence? It appears to me that his current move is only to remain politically relevant with the hope of being given an appointment by the Govt.

To shut him up. Time will tell, but judge for yourself, is DINO really fighting for us or for his own pocket?

See photos of some of his luxury car below...