Friday, October 4, 2013


Undoubtedly Thursday, October 3, 2013 is another sad day in the history of Nigeria. While many were celebrating the joy of their birthdays and the grace and mercy of God for keeping their lives, many friends, family members and associates of those on the ill-fated Associated Airlines carrying the body of the late Governor of Ondo State, family members, friends, associates & crew members were thrown into mourning.

Not less than 14 of those on the plane were confirmed dead, amongst the dead were the Commissioner for Tourism & Culture in Ondo State, Deji Falae, who is the first son of the former Presidential aspirant and Minister, Chief Olu Falae, also confirmed dead were the boss of MIC, Tunji Okusanya, his son & a staff of his company. About 10 others are also confirmed to have died. Unconfirmed report says on the plane apart from about 7 crew members, were 2 of the former Governor's sons and his daughter.

However as at last night, it was confirmed by a reliable source that Feyi Agagu, the first son of the former Governor & Aviation Minister were amongst the few survivors said to be either 5 or 6. Infact, we were told by the source, that Feyi was very okay as at the time they saw him and he had no scratch and even responded to greetings

Feyi Agagu lucky to survive plane crash
We commiserates with the families, friends  and associates of the dearly departed, especially also the Ondo State Government on the sad loss of lives. We too lost a great friend and brother in Deji Falae. A wonderful fellow and human being. So also Egbon Tunji Okusanya.