Monday, October 7, 2013


Nigerian Hip Highlife singer, Chinedu Okoli (Flavour N’Abiana), is in the black book of British Broadcasting Corporation, (BBC), and may be blacklisted by the giant media outfit. This plan to debar him is as a result of his alleged insolent behavior and standing up the BBC crew that had invited him over for an interview in their office in London.

According to what we gathered exclusively, ‘BBC Africa’ producer and presenter, Nigerian born Peter Okwoche, had contacted the ‘Ada Ada’ crooner for an interview and with all arrangements made, the crew sent a car to pick up the Nigerian star but to their surprise, Flavour had gone out with his friends, with no explanations given at all.

A bitter Peter posted his disappointment on his Facebook wall thus: “Never met the guy before, but always had a lot of respect for Nigerian artiste, Flavour. Now he’s just gone and really pissed me off! Booked him in for a TV/ Radio interview; sent a cab to pick him up. Spoke to his manager 45 minutes before the cab was due to arrive to make sure everything was ok. The cab arrived and he’d gone out with his friends!”

An interview with BBC is an opportunity of a lifetime, so I just wonder why Flavour had to blow it.