Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Grammy nominee Justin Bieber is out with a new song, ‘Heartbreaker’. The singer dropped the fresh hit Monday midnight as he’d promised as part of his Music Monday project. The 19 year old pop star pledged to his fans last week, he will release new songs every week for 10 weeks and he has just begun.

‘Heartbreaker’ is a “song for people going through heartbreak – like I was when i wrote it” Bieber tweeted. “It means so much to me to able to share what i was, and still am, going through, with my fans, i’m very proud of this song and i hope it gives my fans some insight into my heart.” He concluded.

There is no doubt the new track is about his short lived break-up with longtime girlfriend, Selena Gomez. But before he finally dropped the song, Bieber spent longer minutes on Twitter to get his fans prepared for the bomb!

“Less than 24 hours. Midnight est #MusicMondays #10weeks #heartbreaker r u ready??!!” Bieber tweeted about the song before releasing the single. “These songs are different. These are my #journals.You will know my words, my heart. #journals,” Bieber tweeted.

What do you think: Squash or Play it?