Saturday, October 5, 2013


Justin Bieber may have escaped criminal charges for allegedly spitting on his neighbor’s face  few days ago, but he’s not a fugitive to music too. The 19 year old Grammy nominee has announced he will be releasing new songs every Sunday at midnight for 10 straight weeks in the wake of what he calls, #MusicMondays.

Heartbreaker becomes the first track to debut Bieber’s new project (on October 6) and over 93,000 re-tweets followed his announcement last night on Twitter . “Sunday Midnight #heartbreaker #MusicMondays #10weeks,” he tweeted.

The Bieber-fever continued hours later, when he posted the cover art for the first single on his Instagram page. The pic, which was released in June, features a split crumbling purple heart against a white background.

Bieber also later changed his Twitter bio description to suit his fans; “#MusicMondays is about to begin – SO MUCH LOVE FOR THE FANS…you are always there for me and I will always be there for you. MUCH LOVE. thanks,”. To support his client, Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun also tweeted, “So it begins…. #sunday #midnight #10weeks #musicmondays -expect the unexpected.”

“The 19-year-old offered fans a taste of “Heartbreaker” back in July with the release of a short Instagram video.
“Oh girl, I got a secret place that we can go/’cause girl I really want to be alone/And baby, nobody else gotta know,” 
Biebs can be heard crooning in the quick clip. At the time, he offered no release date for the whole song. But now, we have it!