Wednesday, October 23, 2013


It is no longer news that one of the most sizzling romance rocking the movie industry is that of top movie producer Tchidi Tchikere and fast rising actress Nuella Njubigbo. Their love affair was one of the most controversial that rocked the industry a few years ago, when the actress stormed  Nollywood and instantly rose to stardom.

The top producer who was married to a pretty actress Sophia and with whom he has three boys, was said to have at one point, ended his marriage to the actress on account of his new romance with Nuella.

Its no doubt that she made it in Nollywood with the help of the popular producer but the actress constantly denied this. The affair became an open secret when the producer ended his over six year old marriage through a press release he made back then.

The two lovebirds were rumoured to be at the verge of taking their romance to another level, which may have necessitated his actions. I reported that the actress was pregnant for him sometime last year but they both denied vehemently in several interviews granted.

Sources however revealed that they are indeed still together and presently having the best of times. Nuella who recently passed out of NYSC  has moved out of her Okota family home into a new house with the producer at Graceland estate, Ajah .

The couple who moved in barely a few months ago are still decorating their new home.

A few weeks ago, Tchidi was at The palms Lekki where he visited a furniture shop to make purchases for his new home and he has also become a regular caller there as the house is still being given some interior finishing touches.

The usual thing with them is to deny a story as soon as it is done, hopefully they will tow the line this time.