Thursday, October 17, 2013


This is a disturbing video clip of a toddler being maltreated, probably by his sister/house help for crying.

It is not a movie, it happened somewhere within this four corners of the Earth. My heart bleeds!

I stumbled upon this clip online and I decided to share it just to educate parents on the need to always monitor the behaviour of their house helps for it is the little and defenseless ones that are Vulnerable.

This Video clip is so disturbing! I wonder what was going on, on the mind of whoever recorded it. What was the motive of this Video?? What did they stand to achieve by sharing it online?? This is to show how wicked human beings can be.

And I guess this video clip wasn't recorded by a kid. Judging by the steadiness of the camera. Why did that person fail to stop this psychopath?

What hurts even more is that she continuously hitting the baby even when he tries to hang on and not crying... And the poor vulnerable toddler, oblivious of what was happening to him crawl onto her obviously looking for a bit of love, only for the Devilish girl to hit her even more.

This is barbaric! It is a pure wickedness in its extreme! Watch the Video Clip Below...