Monday, October 7, 2013


  • GTB asks trainees to write own obituaries
Banks in Nigeria, including GTB and Access Bank, are making illegal and unreasonable demands from people they intend to hire.

Having spent almost two unproductive years at home after graduation, Evelyn was badly in need of a job. After passing the aptitude test and first interview, she was pretty confident as she walked out of her second interview for a management trainee position at Access Bank.

But her confidence immediately atrophies like an ice cube thrown into a burning fire when she was told, over the telephone, by an official of the bank that she needed to source a total of N1 million from at least 10 new customers within a week as a prerequisite for being employed.

Her parents immediately kicked against her continuing with the recruitment process saying it was exploitative.  But the thought of having to sit at home for an indefinite period in search of another job was far scarier for Evelyn. She was determined to meet the bank’s demand.

Hard as she tried, she could only get eight people to open new accounts with the bank. Two days later she got a call from the bank telling her she didn’t make the cut.

“In Access Bank it has to be ten over ten or nothing,” the voice at the other end of the phone said.

Evelyn was devastated. She felt used and dumped.

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