Sunday, November 3, 2013


Nigerian born international entertainer, D’Banj, (Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo), has been blasted by his Zimbabwean fans, who say he is more of a studio artiste than a stage musician, after he failed to perform to the expectations of thousands of Zimbabweans who thronged the Glamis Arena, in Harare, for the Lion Lager Summer Beer Festival on the 26th of October, 2013.

According to a Zimbabwean news site, Zimbabwe Newsday, “‘The Fall in Love’ hit-maker’s performance approximated local dancer Beverly Sibanda’s style as he spent much of his time speaking about how Zimbabwean ladies were good at waist-twisting.

D’Banj went on to invite 10 ladies, one at a time, to join him on stage. Regardless of some of his tracks such as ‘Fall in Love’, ‘Pop Something’, ‘Why Me’, ‘Mr. Endowed’, and ‘Oliver Twist’ being popular in the country, the night belonged to his visiting counterpart, Ugandan ragga musician Bebe Cool, real name Moses Ssali.

Afro-jazz singer Daniel Ngwira, who is basking in the glory of his new single "Ndinewe", has slammed Nigerian pop star D'Banj for what he called "pornography on stage"

Ngwira took to his Facebook page and vented his anger saying D'Banj did not only shortchange fans but also insulted them.

"D'banj, pornography on stage in Zimbabwe is just not welcome, neither is insulting our sisters. You even degraded one of our sisters by saying she was not well endowed. Promoters should also learn to promote local talent. I can imagine how much this D'Banj was paid compared to Winky D who gave a sterling performance," he said.
Ngwira also said he was prepared to lobby the Government to ban or restrict "the importation of musicians to protect locals".

Some people responded to Ngwira's calls saying D'Banj's performance fell far short of expectations.

Climate Munikwa said:
"I think we can have the Beer Fest with our local artistes only. Winky D did a splendid act than D'bank ohhh D'Banj. Every time we cry, we are shortchanged."
As a closing act, D’Banj found it difficult to match the previous performers who had set great standards. Popularly known as ‘The Kokomaster’, D’Banj failed to match what his countrymen, P-Square, did last year at the same event.

D’Banj did not make any impact at all and we wonder if such performances are what he dishes out to fans all over the world.”