Friday, February 14, 2014


Majid Michael is in deep trouble for a comment he made on HITZ, a program on ONTV, an entertainment channel which operates under Sound City TV in Nigeria, his Ghanaian fans are not finding it funny that he can talk down their Ghollywood and insists that it is only Nigerian
Nollywood industry that exists. A lot of his fans from Ghana are simply confused and are wondering what such comment means.

Majid said:
"There is nothing like Ghollywood as some Ghanaians have claimed but there is only Nollywood in Africa and that it was Nigeria that came up with the whole idea and made it a reality for others to follow."
It was not only the Ghanaian fans that are talking about this comment, even some Nigerians are asking “Does the movie industry in Ghana has a name or is there any industry at all that Ghanaians can boast of”

The saga between Ghollywood and Nollywood issue has been for long but because of the opportunities in Nollywood, a lot of Ghanaian actors and actresses feature more in Nollywood than their own Ghollywood movies. Nigeria is like a second home to Majid but this comment has only drew ire of his people that he needs to be coming up with an explanation as soon as possible.