Sunday, February 16, 2014


Governor Of Abia State, Theodore A. Orji
The incident happened Saturday at Okpara Square, Umuahia, Abia state, the venue of the rally which was designed to officially declare Governor T.A Orji’s Senatorial ambition ahead of the 2015 general election.

The deceased who was identified as Mr. John Ndubuka, a planning officer with the Abia State Government House Umuahia as well as a Personal Assistant to Mr. Chinedu Orji was allegedly shot on the chest by a policeman attached to Chinedu on his order over a minor disagreement.

According to eyewitness account, Chinedu, the self acclaimed Governor of the state, was said to be angered by the utterance of his late PA over a minor issue, and in a display of his usual unruly and criminal behaviour he ordered his police orderly to shoot the late aide.

The witness who described Chinedu as a junkie told our correspondent that this is part of humiliation Abians received daily from the governor and his family.

According to him, the incident would have been avoided if not that all civil servants were ordered to attend the rally or get sacked.

“The Director of Administration Government House, Mr. Francis Ihedioha mandated every civil servant in Government House to participate in the political rally or be shown the way out of Government House. We the civil servants actually came out to save our jobs not necessarily because we are in support of Ochendu.

“No sane Abia man would ever support the governor’s senatorial ambition. All these groups that called themselves Umuahia north, Umuahia south and Ikwuano youths are impostors; crowd of sycophants and paid hirelings who see this as easy way of making money. What do you expect? Of course they must survive.” He said.

Another civil servant who spoke under anonymity wondered what the governor has achieved to deserve commendation saying that T.A was Chief of Staff for eight years, Governor for eight years and instead of development, Abians deteriorated below beggars.

“Do we have dearth of quality representatives in Umuahia Senatorial District? If T.A Orji felt he has done well to deserve our votes, why is he organizing a rally to lobby us and why is he forcing people to attend? Our colleague would probably be alive today if not for the forceful directive given to all civil servants to come out and support the governor or get sacked. Ordinarily nobody will come out for this show of shame. He is the one who sponsored these so called groups with fictitious names.” He said.

All efforts to save the victim did not yield any result as he was confirmed dead on arrival at the Federal Medical Centre FMC, Umuahia by eight-man medical team of professional doctors who were on ground to attend to him.

However, we can authoritatively report that the beleaguered Governor, T.A Orji has been making frantic efforts to cover the incident which was reported by the state owned media as a mere accidental discharge which is being investigated.

Majority of the people who spoke to us decried the humiliation Abians have been subjected to, by the actions of the Governor’s son, since his father took over the mantle of leadership. They however called on the Inspector General of Police to investigate the unlawful and unprofessional behaviour of the Governor’s son and his orderly respectively.

Under Governor Theodore Orji's regime, several cities including Aba, popularly known as Enyimba City, are in a shambolic state. The Enyimba city is divided into two local government areas, – Aba South and Aba North, it is characterised by infrastructural collapse, particularly dilapidated roads. In fact, the roads can be likened to valleys in the shadow of death. It is a portrait of a city criminally neglected.

The commercial city of Aba used to be famous for the ingenuity of the locals. They copied and produced all manners of products. In fact, any product that was not made abroad was popularly referred to as Made in Aba or Aba made.  Those were the days when the city was groovy.

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