Monday, February 24, 2014


More revelations about the activities of Mr Owolabi Fola, whose story was published last Sunday over alleged defilement of a 13-year-old girl, have emerged, as Oyo State Police Command discovered more girls who were his victims in the past.

The state Commissioner of Police, Mr Mohammed Indabawa, said that investigations revealed that the man had engaged in sex with the girls who were staying in his house. They were said to have been kept in his custody by their parents who wanted him to help fix them up with families who would help put them in schools.

Two out of the three girls (names withheld), aged 12 and 13 respectively, who testified against the suspect said that he had at different times had penetrative sex with them, thus puncturing his lie that his manhood was not functioning. The third girl, a 17-year-old, also said he made attempts to have sex with her but she rejected his overtures.

The 12-year-old girl, who is a primary five pupil, disclosed that she was brought to the suspect by her mother “and I stayed with him before he gave me out a year ago to the woman I am now staying with. While I was with him, he used to sleep with me and I can’t count the number of times. The first time was when he came to me at midnight and removed my underpants. He slept on me and inserted his penis into me. He released semen into me each time he had sex with me.”

The 13-year-old girl also said the suspect was economical with the truth by saying that he only fondled her, saying that he had penetrative sex with her. According to the girl, “I was brought to him on Saturday, January 25. He came to me when everyone had slept, removed my underpants and had sex with me. When he finished, he warned me not to tell anyone, promising to give me money.

“The following day, he did the same to me. When I could no longer stomach his deeds, I reported to one aunt living in our residence and she in turn told her mother. It was her mother who told the landlady and the landlady reported to the police.” It was learnt that medical report indicated that specimen of sperm was seen in the girl’s vulva when she was examined.

In her own case, the 17-year-old girl said Fola made attempts to have sex with her “but I did not agree to his advances. He used to come in the night but I kept refusing him and he left me alone.”

When confronted by the account of the girls, Fola admitted all they said, saying that all he pleaded for was mercy, as he realised that he did the wrong thing.

Mr Fola confessed that he resorted to using his finger, even with his lady friends, when he could no longer achieve erection due to an accident he had some years ago. He also said further that that would be his first time of playing with an underage girl.

The man who said he was separated from his wife who left some years ago after she complained that he was behaving queerly, disclosed: “It is true I fingered the young teenager but that had been the only way I relieve myself of sexual tension whenever I feel moved to have sex. I had been doing it with my female lovers since my wife left me and I could no longer achieve erection.

“On the day the incident happened, I stopped at a bar and took two bottles of stout which made me tipsy. I got home and met the girl sleeping in the sitting room. She wore a blouse but the wrapper she tied was loose and her private part was exposed. She was not wearing any pants. I became moved by the sight and inserted my finger into her vulva while under alcoholic influence.

The suspect said he had never done such a thing to a minor before, describing what happened as the work of the devil while he was under the influence of alcohol.

The suspect was however charged to Iyaganku Chief Magistrates’ Court 1, Ibadan, on Monday, February 17 on a three-count charge of rape, defilement and indecent assault. The Chief Magistrate presiding over the court, Alhaja Fatimah Badrudeen did not take his plea but ordered that he should be remanded in Agodi prisons while his case was adjourned till March 18.