Wednesday, February 26, 2014

YOU ARE SEXY, BUT I WON'T IMPREGNATE YOU - Ghanaian musician E.L. Tells Nikki

Ghanaian musician E.L. is not noted for making public statements or responding to stories about him in the media but recent statements by actress Nikki Samonas that she finds him sexy and wants to have babies with him has sent the rapper out of his shell.

Nikki stated further that she wanted E.L. to look for her and alleged he is a ‘player’.

“Having twins with her? Naaaa. That is a no no and not part of my plans now. I am not ready for that commitment when I have a music career to pursue and it sends me travelling all over the world. Twins paaa? Eiii who would carry them? I can’t imagine her calling me and saying the babies are crying and that I should come help carry one. I am just not ready for that commitment at all,” E.L. told NEWS-ONE yesterday.

He continued: “I don’t know where this perception is coming from that I am a player. I am not. My mother did not raise me up that way and I don’t like that perception one bit. There was a time after one of my shows, I just called one lady aside, an anonymous female fan, and I asked her what people say about me and she responded that the public perception is that I am a player. I was shocked because I am the exact opposite of that.”

The paper again asked E.L about his response to Nikki’s confession that he is the sexiest male celebrity, and he said: “Honestly I don’t see myself as sexy. I see myself as a normal guy but I still say thanks to her anyway for saying that about me though she is far more sexy. Of course Nikki is a sexy girl and no one can deny that about her.”

On whether or not E.L. would go looking for Nikki as she requested of him, he said he would wish they met by chance.

“I would not go looking for her, as in chasing after her, but I hope we would meet somewhere somehow. Going to look for her would help the perception that I am a player,” E.L. explained.

Nikka, in a recent interview with Joyce Gyebi for GLITZ magazine, Fashionista Issue was asked who her sexiest guy was and this was her response: “My sexiest guy would go to RMD (Richard Mofe Damijo) because he is mature but still looks amazingly good; the P-Square brothers are also smoking hot! And E.L. is number one. Damn! That guy is sexy; he is tall, has a chisel face and muscles (in a bass voice, E.L, look for me wai), oh gosh E.L. is sexxxyyy!”

Nikki, in the interview also disclosed what she hoped to achieve in the next five years. “Married with kids. I want some twins with one of those sexy guys I just mentioned except RMD, he is married. Hmmm…E.L. I hear he is a player so I don’t want him! That is if in five years he is still a player. E.L. please forgive me.”