Friday, March 21, 2014

MALAYSIAN PLANE MH370: Malaysia Missing Plane Possibly Crashed Into Indian Ocean [PHOTOS]

Tomnod picture found with what is presumed as crashed plane underwater in Indian Ocean. Canadian Veteran suggests the plane was caught on fire and pilot did not manage to land it on time.

One of the volunteers from the Tomnod search group posted pictures of what is presumed as Malaysian plane underwater.

The officials are yet to investigate both the authenticity of photos taken by a satellite and whether it is the missing Malaysian plane.

According to recent investigations the plane presumably dropped somewhere in the

The photo looks like a plane underwater and an oil slick.

People from all over the world joined the search for missing airplane of Malaysian airlines that has not been found for 11 days already. The search went on via a program called Tomnod, that makes pictures via satellite. As the area is huge, around 7.68 m sq km, the search is taking so much time.

The image has now gone viral as people have been worried about the fate of missing plane and its passengers for almost 12 days.

A theory posed by a veteran Canadian pilot, with over 20 years of experience, Chris Goodfellow, claims that the plane was caught on fire and was not hijacked.
Goodfellow goes on explaining, saying that the scenario that probably happened involved a fire, and that the pilot, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, made an attempt to make an emergency landing at the closest airport, which explains sudden change in the course of the plane. However, the pilot as likely overcome by the smoke from the fire before he could land the plane.

After that, the plane went on flying on autopilot as a ghost plane for few hours until it ran out of fuel and crashed into Indian Ocean.

According to Goodfellow, the wrecks will be found somewhere west of the Maldives.