Saturday, March 8, 2014


A delegation of members of the National Working Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party who went to the Abeokuta residence of President Olusegun Obasanjo got a shocker of their lives as they were stopped from entering the house of the respected leader and turned back at the gate.

Obassanjo celebrated his birthday on Wednesday, the PDP didn't send anybody to his house and after they had realised their mistake the party hurriedly put up a delegation to go and see Baba on Thursday. But they were prevented from entering Obasanjo’s house by the security men.
The top security men, who came out to brief the delegation, simply told them:
“Baba has no appointment with your delegation and Baba said you should drop any gifts you have for him at the security post.”
The delegation led by the National Auditor of the party, Mr Adewole Adeyanju left the place with sad faces.

Others in the delegation are state executives of PDP including the Chairman, Mr Bayo Dayo, Pegba Otewolu, Waliu Oladipupo, Alhaja Nike Oguntola, Mrs. Bose Ogunleye, Wuraola Arojo and Zak Oyekunle.

Confirming that Obasanjo refused to see them, the leader of the delegation said:
“All I know is that when they (security men) went in, they came out to say Baba said he was not in. You know Baba is an old man and he is our Baba and you know how elders behave, so I don’t want to believe that maybe he was not dispose but I think I have come to deliver the message of the National Chairman and he has collected those materials for his birthday.”
On why they didn't come on the day of the birthday, he said,
“We were to come here by plane but because of state assignment, we couldn’t come and that is why I was asked to lead a delegation.”
He however praised Obasanjo for being a father to all and wished him more fruitful years.