Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Jennifer Lopez Dies? Nope, Twitter ‘#RIPJenniferLopez’ Death Hoax Goes Viral; J-Lo is Fine! (PHOTOS)

Is Jennifer Lopez dead? Many are asking that question after #RIPJenniferLopez trended on Twitter Monday afternoon. Thankfully, this trend is just another death hoax.

Indeed, Jennifer Lopez is alive and well, despite the #RIPJenniferLopez trend.  Just a few hours before this trend went viral, the singer/actress tweeted a photo of herself at the GLAAD Awards. The current American Idol judge was honored with the Vanguard Award for her continued support of LGBT rights. Lopez also won an award as a producer of the ABC Family series The Fosters, which won Best Drama Series at this weekend’s ceremony.

However, many on Twitter were not fooled by the Jennifer Lopez death hoax, either. Instead, plenty of tweets questioned why #RIPJenniferLopez was trending in the first place. Below are some Twitter reaction to the Jennifer Lopez death hoax. See Tweets Below...

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