Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wickedness!!!; Kenyan Man Sentenced for Intentionally Infecting Women With HIV In Germany

A 41 year old Kenyan man, identified as Kennedy Okwako A. was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment for having sexual intercourse with various women without using a condom despite knowing he was infected with HIV.

Kennedy, a Kenyan DJ and musician from Würzburg, Germany was also a victim of the same. In 1998, Kennedy was infected by his German wife without his knowledge. Although he insists he wasn’t trying to revenge, he slept with eight women without informing any of them of his status. Three of his victims who appeared in court, a housewife, a hairdresser and the 13 year old, were all not infected.

Kennedy had been accused of attempted severe bodily harm, attempted murder (manslaughter) and sexual assault of a minor. Fortunately, there was no evidence that he had forced himself on the minor and those charges were dropped. Kennedy had told the court that he had slept with the young lady, but he didn’t know she was a minor. He also accepted that he had slept with her only once without protection but even then, the young girl didn’t protest. Of the nine women he slept with, two had tested positive.

The prosecutor had tried to accuse him of vengence saying that Kennedy was infecting German women as payback to his German wife. The court ruled out this hypothesis as unfounded.

According to a psychiatrist from the Gesundheitsamt, Kennedy had basic knowledge on what HIV was and he always took his ARVs with no issues. Kennedy had been a regular patient at the Gesundheitsamt, where he received counselingand also signed a document that agreed that he had understood that he shouldn’t have unprotected sex. In his defence Kennedy told the court that the doctors had told him the probability of any of his partners being infected was very low and he thought that meant it would never happen.

He was eventually charged with nine accounts of knowingly trying to infect his partners with HIV.

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